Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm a knitter.

I have at least five projects going on at all times, I keep extra yarn and needles in my purse, and I can't sit still very easily without knitting in my hands. I knit while I read, wait in line, watch movies, ride in the car (while Dan drives... or at red lights), and while I'm on the phone. I'm on Ravelry more than Facebook. 

I've been praying about selling my knitting for a while now, and the Lord has recently opened up several opportunities for me to get started.

This weekend my wonderful dad flew me out to visit the family. I spent lots of time catching up with my parents and hanging out with all the siblings still at home. And my youngest sister Heather modeled a few of my creations. She did a brilliant job (obviously).

So today I finally listed my first items on my Etsy Shop, Oak Haven Knitwear.

Check it out: Oak Haven Knitwear.

I'm offering free shipping to anyone who mentions Sweeter Green.

I keep knitting, so I'm sure I'll have more listings soon.

(Thanks again, Heather!)


  1. I love it! I'll check out your shop as soon as I get back from vaca and have some consistent internet! :)

  2. Emily, You are so so good at this!
    Your sis looks so much like you!

  3. Such a great job - both the items and the model!

    I'm a crocheter - along with lots of other crafts - but I'm the same as you. I have yarn and a hook with me wherever I go. Funny story - this past weekend was our anniversary and we went to the coast for the weekend. We get to the condo and I realize my bag with hooks, needles, and scissors is still back at home. My wonderful husband agreed to take me to the craft store on our anniversary. There's a reason I married him! :)