Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Backyard: Oak Haven

We've lived in Tennessee a little over a year now. It's been a wonderful adventure, and the Lord has blessed us and challenged us in ways we never imagined when we decided to move. We lived in a small apartment in the city before we moved here; now this is our backyard.

In just a year, this oak tree has seen a lot of me. I've read and knit under it, cried and rejoiced under it, prayed and sang under it; we hung the swing in March and lots of friends and family have enjoyed it; we buried our sweet cat Oscar beneath it in June; and now I'm trying to get a decent picture of it to be translated into a banner for my Etsy Shop, whose name it inspired.

Tennessee is starting to feel a little more like home.


  1. I love this Emily! What a sweet name for your shop. Love the story behind it. =)

  2. Isn't Tennessee great?! I live near Nashville. The only thing I don't like about Tennessee is the heat! C'mon fall!