Monday, October 18, 2010

Fingerless Gloves

I knit my first pair of fingerless gloves last month, and now fingerless gloves are one of my favorite projects! They just fly off the needles. Here are some of my most recent creations:

These three are all from the same pattern, in custom colors for a dear friend. I have these gloves for sale in my Etsy shop. (Free shipping for my blog readers :)

These gloves are knit with super-soft cotton yarn. I love the color!

When I was visiting my family last month, my mom bought me my first skein of self-striping yarn. This was therapy knitting at its best - just knit two, purl two, round and round for inches and inches! Lol!

I have several more projects on the needles - it will be Christmas time soon! Do you work on Christmas gifts early or wait until the last minute?


  1. Love the fingerless gloves. They always remind me of Oliver Twist!

  2. So, so adding your store to my Etsy FAVES! Def might need a pair or two of those fingerless gloves as stocking stuffers! =)
    Kristina J.

  3. You're so talented, Emily!!! :) I love them!